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This page lists forms that units and councils may need to complete and submit to the 17th District. Many more forms and resources are available in the California State PTA Online Toolkit (en español).

For easy reference, here are the Unit Due Dates for dues, taxes, scholarships, audits & historian reports. If you are in a council, send to your council to arrive by the date listed. If out of the council, send to 17th District to arrive by this date.

PLEASE NOTE: In-council units may need to fill out separate forms for their council and may have different due dates. Unless otherwise noted, you should always submit forms to your council first, which they will forward to the 17th District. In-council units may need to meet earlier deadlines set by their council. (Am I in or out of council?)

CA State PTA Convention




Roster of Officers



  • Zoom License:

    • Click here to sign up for a Zoom Account (July 1st to September 30th only) through the 17th District PTA for your PTA/Council. This non-profit program account is through the 17th District PTA’s umbrella account. It costs $100/year for a Business License that can host up to 300 participants ($200 regular). It includes phone support from Zoom, and all add-ons & purchases would also receive a 50% discount. 
  • 360* Video Conference Camera:

    • Sign up here to borrow a "360° Video Conference Camera" from the 17th District PTA. View the sign-up form for more details. Please sign up for one week at a time.

    • Sign up here to buy a "360° Video Conference Camera" through the 17th District PTA for your PTA/Council at a non-profit cost of $380 plus tax (regular price of $700). This camera would be helpful for hybrid meetings so the members would have the option to attend the meetings in person or virtually. It is a plug-and-play, all-in-one camera containing a microphone, video camera, and speaker. The camera can be kept in the center of the meetings and connected to one computer for all interactions. View the flyer for camera details.

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